Enhanced Recipe Management for Food Mixer

Technology Advancement for Mixer Equipment


We were required to provide a solution that would increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of a homogeneous mixer to blend liquid and powder. Using a rigid system that only allowed a fix number of steps and materials due to ladder programming in the customer’s existing system, we had to develop a solution that would resolve their limitations.


Their existing solution required two separate systems to attain desired results and batching sequence that was not flexible and configurable by users.

Customer Requirements

  • Mid-range control, HMI, Drive and Safety.

  • Expand number of steps and materials within the system.

  • Ability to change recipes and save for future use.

  • Integration into power and field devices.



We used Logix Batch and Sequence Manager (LBSM) based on ISA88 to process the object (code and graphics) to run a batch with configured steps. Ideal for stand-alone units (mixers, blenders, reactors), this solution makes it extremely configurable and easy to use. This gives flexibility for recipe management, single unit supervision and control with support for multiple units.

By integrating the Powerflex Variable Frequency Drive into the Logix controllers, the Automatic Device Configuration feature allows for easy replacement of faulty drives, and automatic program downloads from the controller to the new drive, minimising downtime.

System Architecture


The LBSM significantly reduces engineering and commissioning time, while speeding up the time to market and eliminate engagement costs for process changes. The integration into power components provides an immediate and measurable impact on asset availability, operational efficiency, and energy management.

With the new system, the end user can now enjoy the safety of monitoring energized devices on operator screens, receive a mixture of data types, and save development time.

Conventional Architecture RA Architecture Benefits
Separate PLC and batch controller system Single platform with discrete and batch control Using only a single software for all functions (PLC, Batch, Drive) we were able to reduce engineering time with ready template and ease of configuration and programming.
Analog control of drives Integrated Ethernet/IP communication for PLC to Drives Premier integration reduced engineering time and effort by 30% with ADC feature that helped improve end user experience.
Static Batch Sequence Flexible sequence of batch configurable by LBSM All product recipe now changes through HMI and cuts down development time by 50%, with easy upgrade capability and maintenance diagnostics.
No support OEM technical consultant engineering support OEM Technical consultant will be engaged with programming engineers to jointly develop the program.
  Drives and motion accelerator toolkit (DMAT) Free available toolkit to reduce engineering time and faster time to market by at least 50%.