Automation Systems Consultation

  • We have a dedicated team of technical consultants on board to provide advice on automation system architecture design, network and configuration to optimize your control programs.

  • Efficiency is one of our top priorities, and to ensure that our clients’ needs are handled at the earliest time, we provide Phone Technical support, Email Support, and On-site Troubleshooting.

  • Our Automation Systems Consultation ensures a complete understanding of our clients’ business model, for us to better meet their needs, and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Smart Solutions

As a one-stop solutions provider, we offer a suite of turnkey industrial automation solutions to increase productivity and reduce downtime, streamlining your workload and reinforcing cost savings. Our proactive methodology makes use of predictive insights that are critical for identifying potential maintenance concerns for your plant assets.Throughout our services, we also employ professional and thoughtful measures for clean solutions. We are focused on improving the manufacturing process by maximising Uptime, ensuring Energy Efficiency, Compliance to Safety Standards, and Network Security.Our Services comprise:

  • Critical Asset Management with Disaster Recovery
  • Minimizing downtime with Advance Diagnostics of Intelligent Motor Control
  • Machine Safety Assessment and Mitigation Measures
  • Plantwide Energy Monitoring and Management solutions
  • Predictive Maintenance through Condition Monitoring on Motor Assets
  • Network security assessment and Mitigation Measures

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Repairs & Maintenance

Industrial Automation equipment plays a crucial part in the whole development of the production process, and regular maintenance is a preventive measure for any unwanted mishaps.

HoST provides Asset Maintenance service agreement for our customers to ensure that your systems are audited regularly, and kept in good condition with proper back-up. Additionally, emergency field support is available at fixed rates for crisis management.

We offer re-manufacturing services that does more than just repairing – the products undergo a comprehensive checking process that not only repairs faults, but replaces other internal components that are deemed susceptible to failure.

We understand that flawless operation is necessary for the efficacy of a company and its impact on quality service. For industries that require high capital investments into technology, regular maintenance and quick reparation of existing components is vital in every way.

Technology Workshops

  • HoST believes in providing more than just industrial automation components, but the sustainability of a product. We promote live-long efficiency and a self-sustaining service through our technical workshops.

  • We equip our clients’ technicians and engineers to use Rockwell Automation hardware and software products. As part of our service, we conduct regular information sessions and updates on new technologies and products.

  • Basic hands-on overview sessions on Automation Control are conducted for our clients’ new engineers, while Intermediate and Advanced courses are available and taught by certified trainers from Rockwell Automation, to upgrade your engineers’ skills and knowledge.