Three-Phase Induction Motors

W22 IE3 Premium

Achieving Efficiency with WEG motors

WEG applies all its technology in the development of products lines focused on energy savings, reducing operational costs and fast return on investment. See the main features of W22 IE3 Premium motor line.

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced thermal footprint
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduction of noise and vibration levels
  • Extended lifetime

W21 Series

The WEG W21 series motors are designed to meet specific requirements of some markets. These motors are available in frame sizes IEC 63 to 355M/L. They are suitable for 3 Phase, 50 Hz Supply and are also suitable to operate at tolerances of +- 10% in voltage, +- 5% in frequency and +- 10% combined variation of both voltage and frequency. Additionally, they can operate continuously with a 2%
unbalance on power supply voltage.

Brake motor

In order to have a company working with high performance it is necessary to have equipments working according to its needs. WEG brake motor is perfect to equipments where fast safety stops are required, positioning and time saving. WEG braking solutions allows synergy in the production process, helping with agility and safety. WEG brake motors are available in versions: IE1,IE2,IE3 and they are suitable for the use with frequency inverters*.

Motor Features:

  • Output: 0,12 up to 37kW 
  • Poles: II, IV, VI and VIII 
  • Frame: 63 up to 200L 
  • Three-phase, IP55, TEFC, 50Hz and 60 Hz 
  • Cast Iron Frame or Aluminum Frame

These motors can be used on any machine that requires quick stops and time savings during installation: machine tools, looms, packing machines, gates, wood machines, cranes, other severe duty applications.

W21 – Cast Iron Frame Inverter Duty

WEG TEBC Cast Iron motors were designed to meet several applications were wide speed range variation is required. The windings are enameled with class H varnish and exclusivepatented WISE insulation, which allows 3 times longer motor.The independent fan system offers low voice level and maximum cooling at low speeds. As additional feature, the WEG TEBC motor can be supplied with encoder which allows perfect motor speed control for critical applications.

Motor Features:

  • Output: 0.18 up to 330kW
  • Poles: II,IV,VI, and VIII
  • Frame: 80 up to 355M/L
  • Three-phase, IP55, 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled (TEBC)
  • Reinforced insulation

Grinders, conveyors, mixers, fans, pumps, extruders, winding, recoilers.