Removing the complexity from availability 

Stratus takes the complexity out of keeping business critical applications running 24/7. Stratus’ technologies proactively prevent instances of unplanned downtime both in the data center and at the edge, and our services ensure any issues are addressed before customers need to. Global Fortune 500 companies and small medium sized businesses in a wide range of industries across the globe have been relying on Stratus for operationally simple, continuous availability for more than 35 years.

Industrial technologies are becoming more intelligent. At the same time, they’re becoming more complex. And increasingly, these technologies are being needed at the edge of company networks where there are limited or no IT resources.
Whether your industrial applications run in your data center or on the plant floor, you cannot afford for them to be down, or be too complicated to operate and manage. 

Stratus offers a simple, cost-effective way to deploy and maintain a continuously available processing environment for your virtualized industrial applications – both in the data center and at the network’s edge. By removing the complexity from availability, we make it easy for you to protect your critical industrial workloads, efficiently manage your systems, and generate insights from operational data.

All of Stratus’ solutions can be rapidly deployed without any changes to your applications.
Our software and servers — combined with our people — allow you to improve productivity by efficiently delivering application availability.

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