Power Quality Product

ECOSine Passive

  • Passive Harmonic filter applicable with any 3-phase front-end six-pulse diode rectifier equipment
  • Efficient mitigation of harmonic currents
  • Compliance with IEEE519 and other power quality standard
  • Increase equipment life and system reliability
  • Installation is simple plug-and-play operation

FN3410/FN3412/FN3440 ( 5% Harmonic Filter )

FN3416/FN3418 ( 10% Harmonic Filter )

ECOSine Active

  • Suitable for any kind of non-linear equipment or loads
  • Automatically adapts to changing network disturbance patterns enabling to comply with IEEE 519 and other power quality standard
  • Ultra-fast controller with response time of < 300 us
  • Available in IP20 and IP54 Liquid cooled unit for harsh environment

Output filters

  • Converts output rectangular PWM voltage waveform of motor drives into a smooth Sinewave with reduced ripple
  • Protect premature motor damage and improves bearing lifespan of motor
  • Cable length can be as far as 2000m depends on type of filters use and switching frequency

EMC/EMI Product

Single phase / two-phase EMC Filters

  • Key element in eliminating system-generated and mains-brone interference
  • Use in wide range of application such as control panels, medical equipment, systems, equipment and apparatus together with power supplies
  • Key advantage of using EMC filter is to improve the immunity and reliability of the entire system
  • Comply with EMC/EMI standard
  • Available variety of electrical and mechanical specifications, PCB, Chassis mount, Single or Multiple stages

Three phase EMC filters

  • Exceptional conducted attenuation performance to meet EMC /EMI standard
  • All the filters are tested at various load conditions in order to guarantee good attenuation performance without saturation in application.