Owl Cyber Defense Solutions

With over 2000 deployments globally, across intelligence, government, military, utility, energy, and other critical infrastructure networks. Owl Cyber Defense is the leader in data diode cybersecurity products. Our patented DualDiode Technology enables those organizations with a “zero-tolerance” policy of unauthorized network access, defend their network boundary without impeding business continuity.  Resulting in increased network security and reliability for asset owners.  This is a result of engineered hardware-enforced technology that results in network segmentation (i.e. physical Air Gap) and secure deterministic, one-way transfer of all data types and file sizes.

Established in 1999, Owl has a proven history in creating best-of-breed cybersecurity products, specializing in data diode technology designed and engineered and deployed as an all-in-one appliance specifically purposed for one-way transfer.

For more information https://www.owlcyberdefense.com/about-data-diodes/

The Problem

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are typically used in critical infrastructure facilities such as power plants, transportation systems, and industrial application domain. Until recently, ICS were mostly confined to closed environments. However, it has become increasingly necessary to connect ICS management systems to external networks and even to the Internet for operational efficiency and business continuity.  In many jurisdictions around the world, there are regulations and standards for security measures to protect ICS from cyber-attacks (1). One measure is to use a data diode to provide network segmentation when connecting an ICS to external networks.  (2) Another regulation, is that Data must be transmitted in native mode out of a secure enclave or plant from source-to-destination without being stored in the process. 

The Solution

OWL data diode technology establishes a network protocol break (i.e. physical “air-gap”) preventing in-bound unauthorized network access to a secure enclave or plant, whilst allowing for out-bound one-way transfer of all data types and file sizes in native mode, never being stored in the process of the data transfer.

The strength of Owl solution is in the use of hardware circuity delivered as an all-in-one appliance defining the network end-point, whilst augmenting existing software firewalls in the process.  Unlike software firewalls, data diodes do not require constant updates of signatures and are not susceptible to probes, zero-day threats and attack vectors.

Deployed worldwide in the defense, power, oil, finance, and government sectors, Owl’s proven, hardware-based network security protects critical infrastructure from external cyber threats without the need for heavy configuration and ongoing management. 

The OPDS Product Line

The Owl Perimeter Defense Solution (OPDS) product line represents the gold standard in data diode cybersecurity, designed to support the varied and complex cybersecurity needs within the wide range of critical infrastructure industries. Acclaimed for their unmatched performance, reliability, and ease of use, OPDS data diodes protect the operational networks and digital assets of some of the world’s largest critical infrastructure facilities, including power plants, banks, substations, laboratories, oil rigs, and more.

All OPDS products support a wide range of data formats and transport layer protocols including: email (SMTP), FTP/SFTP, TCP and UDP (multicast/unicast/broadcast). The OPDS line also supports optional Owl software applications for standards-based interfaces (Modbus, OPC, SNMP, etc.) and industry-leading ICS vendor software (e.g. OSIsoft, GE, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation),