Hanwha Cobot

HanWha Collaborative Robot

Cobots are collaborative in more ways than one. Easy to use, safe to work with, and flexible in adoption, it is also collaborative in its very essence, operating to complement and help the human operators within the same work space.

Cobots ensure that robotics and automation is not simply a domain of large corporations. Instead, it transcends the barriers usually associated with high-technology, by being an accessible, cost-effective, and easy to-use solution for all businesses. Cobots are designed to work side-by side with people in a shared work space, lowering the barriers to automation in areas previously considered too complex or costly. Small and Medium Enterprises should look at automating processes that are repetitive and do not require human dexterity and critical thinking. Then find solutions that are easier to implement.

Cobots have minimal costs due to their ease of use, flexibility, small footprint, are easily programmable and can be updated in-house.  

High Flexibility – A new generation of manufacturing

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Hanwha Precision Machinery’s collaborative robot can be applied to various processes, from simple tasks like pick & place and palletizing all the way to screwing, polishing, and dispensing.


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