Exodus™ is a predictive engine deployed solely for industrial applications. It is built with an algorithm that helps predict failure of an industrial device before the failure happens.  It embraces the the IIoT concept by integrating both OT and IT realms together, allowing integration to all industrial devices and sending data for prescriptive analytics.

A IIoT Solution for Predictive Maintenance

Insights of Exodus™

POWERFUL PREDICTIVE ENGINE – With statistical and AI algorithm in place, Exodus not only helps users predict accurately the probability to failure but also presented real time trending for alarm purpose.

TRENDING AND MACHINE LEARN – Manual trending capabilities are available in Exodus for machine learning purpose. Variations can be set to limitless parameters and trends.

REAL-TIME VISUALIZATION AND ARCHIVAL – Real-time ingression of data in milliseconds for accurate and comprehensive data visualization. All data are also automatically archived for future analysis.