Welcome to HoST

HoST is a market leader in industrial automation hardware and software solutions, distributing products in Singapore and to other parts of South-East Asia. We are a part of Sonepar – the world’s No. 1 Business-to-Business distributor of electrical products and related solutions.

Established in 1990, HoST has close to 3 decades of experience as a distributor of industrial automation hardware and software parts across Singapore and parts of South East Asia.

Over the years, we have established strong ties with our business partners, and have built a reputation of trust and reliability.

Success Stories

Our dedicated team of professionals are experts in dealing with industrial automation hardware and software parts in various industries. We have completed a number of complex-scale projects for clients in the areas of maximising plant productivity and improving process efficiency.

We are proud to have been a part of our clients’ success, providing services ranging from conception and planning to support and monitoring post-sales services. At the heart of our business, the greatest fulfilment we enjoy is the process of building the best industrial automation solutions for our customers.