About Us

We started our journey on a humble note in 1990 to supply quality automation parts, services and total solutions to customers. Our founder Mr. Ho was an expert in Allen Bradley products before starting out his own venture.

Over the years we established a strong foothold in Singapore’s competitive market. We built our reputation steadily not just as a component supplier but as a reliable and trusted business partner. We developed special relationships …

Who Do We Serve?

We have supplied innovative Automation technologies for the following industries:

  • Consumer goods
  • Food & Beverage
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Marine
  • Petrochemicals
  • Electronics / Semiconductors
  • Water / Waste-water management
  • Infrastructure
  • System Integrators (Industrial Automation)
  • OEMs

Business Challenges We address

Manufacturing industries across the spectrum are tackling enormous challenges, thanks to an intensely competitive environment and an on-going resource crunch. These can be summed up as:

  • How to improve Productivity
  • How to lower Costs
  • How to gather manufacturing intelligence

If you are a manufacturer or a system integrator grappling with similar challenges we can certainly help you with our comprehensive range of Industrial Automation Products, Services and Solutions.

Authorised Distributor

Supporting Smart Manufacturing

Industrial automation control products and services are the backbone of almost every manufacturing and process industry. Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation. HoST Pte Ltd is the Authorised Distributor of Rockwell Automation technologies in Singapore. We are proud to be at the cutting-edge of Industrial Automation technology.